Aitken Electric Infrared Portables

Whenever you have a heating problem that doesn't require a permanent installation, here is your most economical answer.

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Aitken Electric Overhead Infrared Heaters Our OH series of heaters can be suspended just like fluorescent lighting fixtures to focus heat where desired. They can be used individually or in a group to heat an entire building.

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For Drying, Baking, and Curing

Aitken infrared process modules are designed primarily as process heaters and are not intended for people or comfort heating. Maximum operating ambient temperature of 350 degrees F. Higher object temperatures can be achieved.

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Solarbeam TM Aitken's all weather quartz lamp heaters save up to 20% on electric heating bills compared to forced air or convection systems! Aitken quartz lamp infrared heaters are available in universal "all-weather" models for indoor or outdoor installations. Two types of lamps are also available (push/pull spring-loaded silver tipped contact for easy snap-in connection) or "pigtail" for more positive connections (lamps cannot fall out).

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