Sea Breeze IV

Specification SB456
Sweep (Dia) 56" 56"
Weight 24 Lbs. 24 Lbs.
Blades 3 3
Max. C.F.M. 24,500 24,500
Max. Amp. 1.0 1.0
Max. Watts 110 110
Max. R.P.M. 265 265
  • American Label
  • Cast Iron Motor Housing
  • 24" Down Rod Standard
  • Brown or White Enamel Finish
  • Stainless Steel Safety Cable
  • Fire Safety Switch Standard
  • 5 Year Limited Motor Warranty.

The All New Sea Breeze IV

Engineered specifically for commercial and industrial applications. Unsurpassed for performance, efficiency and reliability.

The unsurpassed features of Aitken commercial / industrial ceiling fans:

  • Energy-efficient, totally enclosed motors, the largest and most powerful available.
  • Aerodynamically contoured heavy-duty blade design provides maximum area coverage, will not warp in high temperatures.
  • The highest rated area coverage per fan model.
  • Perfectly balanced motor and blades for wobble-free performance.
  • Blade sets weight matched to within 2 grams tolerance.
  • Thermal overload protection, (Texas Instruments) built-in, self -resetting, a new UL requirement for fans using solid state motor speed controls.
  • Permanently sealed and greased bearings for maintenance-free whisper quiet operation
  • Corrosion resistant, durable epoxy enamel paint finish over electrostatically applied powdered primer base.
  • Dual Purpose, designed for both heat reclamation and warm weather cooling.
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