Aitken Electric Infrared Die Heaters: Proven In Over 200 Die Casting Plants.

Get a Preheated Die at Shift Start
The die heater can be installed in the die after shut down and programmed to start heating prior to the start of first shift. This allows production to begin at the start of the shift without costly waiting for die warm-up.

Eliminate Scrap at Startup
Many of our customers are producing good castings immediately after starting operations. This is accomplished only by using the Aitken Die Heater.

Maintain Die Heat During Production Breaks
Eliminates the need for turning water lines off and on. Just insert the heater in the machine with dies wide open and you'll have enough heat to maintain die temperature.

Benefit From These Operating Advantages

Reduce Die Maintenance, Increase Die Life
By preheating the dies, you reduce the differential between operating and room temperature. The less temperature difference, the less thermal shock and strain on the tooling which leads to die checking. Hence the lower the thermal shock, the lower the die maintenance and the greater the service life. Die Life May be extended as much as 300%.

Even Die Temperatures
Some methods of die preheating result in extreme unevenness in die temperature. On average these extremes could range from relatively cool spots to burned core pins and annealed sections. Using an Aitken infrared die heater, the temperature will vary approximately 10 degrees F per inch of distance from the unit.

Faster Die Warm-up
Many die sections can be preheated in a machine to 325 degrees F within one hour.

No Burned Core Pins or Hoses
The electric heating element has a maximum surface temperature of 1550 degrees F. Should the element come in contact with the core pin, there would not be enough BTUs at the point of contact to cause any harm.

Clean Heat
With the Aitken electric heater, there are no byproducts of combustion such as carbon which must be removed from the die surface before operation.

Versatile Models
These units come in many different sizes and are available in most standard voltages (See Table). The heaters may be operated independently or grouped together on larger dies.

  • Constructed for heavy-duty use, with welded 304 stainless 14-gauge steel,
    Rust-free, virtually indestructible, with 100% American made components
  • Long life Incoloy elements, resistant to corrosion and oxidation at high sheath temperatures. Elements can be changed in minutes using simple tools.
  • Pre-wired with 250C degree high temp, asbestos-free wire.
  • Rugged 1/8" welded aluminum terminal box with .050 vented cover for maximum heat dissipation and long life.
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