2KW - Model
6KW - Model
Aitken Overhead Infrared Heaters.

Aitken Features:

  • Nearly indestructible, made of heavy gauge, polished aluminum with impact-resistant heating elements.
  • Designed for overhead installations but can be used in many positions.
  • Easy installation, mounting brackets are provided for hanging units.
  • Clean, no combustion byproducts, no fumes, no vents required.
  • Weatherproof, can be operated indoors or out, or hosed off to clean, when not energized.

2 & 4.5KW Overhead Heaters
Our OH series of heaters can be suspended just like fluorescent lighting fixtures to focus heat where desired. They can be used individually or in a group to heat an entire building. The 2KW model delivers 6,824 BTU of radiant heat without the ultraviolet. The 4.5KW model delivers 15,354 BTU.

6 & 13.5KW Overhead Heaters
These heaters handle heavy heating and can also be suspended like fluorescent lighting. The 6KW model delivers 20,472 BTU of radiant heat without the ultraviolet. The 13.5KW model delivers 46,062 BTU.


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