R-Values U -Values
R1 = 1
R2 = .5
R3 = .366
R4 = .25
R5 = .2
R6 = .166
R7 = .143
R8 = .125
R9 = .11
R10 = .10
R12 = .08
R14 = .07
R16 = .06
R18 = .055
R20 = .05
R22 = .045
R24= .04
R26 = .038
R28 = .036
R30 = .033


Insulating value Of U is equal to 1 over R.

Aitken Computer Heat Loss Form


For Aitken assistance in computing heat loss for conventional or infrared heat, please furnish us with all of the following information.

Desired Interior Temperature
Lowest Outside Temperature
Building Dimensions
Is Roof Peaked YES NO
If Yes, Height At Peak
Air Changes Per Hour
(For non-drafty building-no exhaust fans running, outside doors opened frequently. One air change per hour would be normal.)
Windows, Total area in Square Feet
Single Thickness Thermopane
Number of Doors
Dimensions #1
Dimensions #2
Dimensions #3
Dimensions #4
Door Construction
Are Doors Insulated? YES NO
Type or Value of Insulation?
Available Voltage
Available Natural Gas
Available Propane
Wall Construction
Wall Insulation Thickness
Wall Insulation Type
Wall Insulation "R" or "U" Value
Roof Construction
Roof Insulation Type
Roof "R" or "U" Value
Company Name
Company Address
Company City
Company State
Company Zip Code
Company Phone Number
Return E-Mail Address
Your Name
Title or Position

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